Mini bio,

My name is Pablo I was born in Argentina, I moved to Canada at 25 years old, I enjoy running and everything to do with fitness, and want to tell you a little about myself.


Raised in Argentina, I came to Canada 2005 as a computer engineer, weighing almost 300 pounds and never having participated in sports, I took up jogging to avoid spending too much money, and to give myself something to do in an unfamiliar new city(keep busy). My first race was the Montreal Marathon in 2008, and without really knowing much about the marathon, I ran a 3:36–which is impressive for someone who was in the throes of a major physical transformation.


The weight came off through a combination of running, walking and weightlifting, I really loved it and it came naturally to me I wanted to run longer and longer. I had never exercised and didn’t do track at school. My whole life was computers, since I was eight… I would have been a lot better runner at 29 if I’d had a track background. I also studied personal training, but found that I preferred running. Then I decided to go to college to study nutrition, and in 2013 I developed a product called GO Juice, which I uses exclusively to fuel my mega-distance projects.


GO Juice was born purely out of necessity. 

I tried many different commercial products but, none delivered consistent results, and are full of dyes, chemicals, and artificial flavoring which can be very hard to digest and since I am intolerant to most I had major gut issues, but the biggest problem is that big companies use mixers with drums to blend ingredients, and the results are never the same twice. By contrast, every single serving of GO Juice is mixed by hand, individually. It’s the only way I can guarantee consistency,


There are many  GO Juice products, the original one (first one) is hydration (combination of 2 kinds  carbs and Himalayan pink salt) and one for recovery (which also includes protein in the form of hydrolyzed beef in addition to the ingredients in the hydration product). All of his ingredients are non-GMO, dairy-free and gluten-free.

And all my products are designed to increase nutrient absorption, meaning you can have them with or without food depending how long you are going for.

I have completed many 100 mile long distance runs, and particularly enjoy multi-day running events (24, 48, 72 hour events). During the month of February 2020, I established a new world record for distance travelled on a treadmill, during a 30 day period. I ran 2150kms, 100% fueled by GO Juice.

What some happy customer say:  

with GO Juice, No cramping, No energy drop.

very easy on the stomach, very mild sweetness 

Great product!

- Sheldon.

GO Juice products is the only thing I drink in all my workouts or runs.

Simply Amazing!

- Bryan S.

GO Juice is the main fuel for my training and ultras.

- Steve M.

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