It's the perfect ratio between carbohydrates and protein. 

The versatility of the product goes beyond the post workout, can be use before, during or after. All depends how long is your training or races are? 


Bringing the highest quality of the ingredient: non GMO carbohydrates, hydrolyzed beef collagen, aminoacids and electrolytes.


3.4 grms of carbs per gram of protein. To maximize the delivery of amino acids to the cell.


is Fast and easy to digest.


gives the body a break from digesting solids and improves the digestion of them.


Very convenient the fact of each serving is individually packed. For the GO.


NO Dairy, NO Gluten


  • Replenish glycogen

  • More energy

  • Decrease protein breakdown

  • Increase protein synthesis

  • replenish their energy stores

  • increase muscle size and/or muscle quality

  • repair any damage caused by the workout

  • Improved recovery

  • Less muscle soreness

  • Increased ability to build muscle

  • Improved immune function

  • Improved bone mass

  • Improved ability to utilize body fat


What is Hydrolyzed Beef Proteine?


Hydrolyzed Beef protein  is a form of protein supplement that is derived from, yes, you guessed it – beef. As opposed to whey protein and casein protein, both of which are dairy-based, this protein, although it does come from bovine, is not from a dairy source at all. Beef protein is considered a complete protein source that provides as much as 97 – 99% pure protein per serving. It comes from the highest quality beef, from cattle that are healthy and free from hormones and antibiotics that can taint the meat. It provides a very efficient absorption rate, and a great amino acid profile, making it absolutely ideal for bodybuilders and athletes who put their bodies through a lot of stress.


Eat, move, and live… better.

GO JUICE Recovery

C$89.99 Regular Price
C$54.99Sale Price
  • Highly effective and utterly delicious, Recovery provides exactly what your body needs to reap the most from your activity—a 3.5:1 ratio of complex/simple carbohydrates to hydrolyzed beef protein, L-glutamine, key recovery benefiting auxiliary nutrients, and a full spectrum of electrolytes.

    Recovery as you GO, feel great today and tomorrow!

  • Supplement Facts

    Serving: 1 pack (70 grams)
    Serving per container: 10

    Amount per serving Value
    calories 360
    fats 0.4g
    Carbs 67g
    Protein 20
    sodium 300


    Free of: Sugar, soy, dairy, yeast, gluten or additives.

    Directions: As a dietary supplement, mix 1 serving  daily into at 16-24 ounces (500-700ml) of water or suitable beverage.


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